october 17 vote Bob kwapis

your choice for town of newmarket ward 5 councillor 

As a co-chair and Founding Member of the Ward 5 Traffic Safety Committee (W5TSC), I am passionate about making our residential streets in Ward 5 safer. Many of the streets in Ward 5 are older streets (post-World War 2), and are not designed to effectively manage traffic speeds. Since 2012, I have been working with the York Regional Police, the Town of Newmarket, and with Ward 5 neighbours to address the dramatic increase in traffic volume and speeding in our neighbourhoods. One of the most visible initiatives launched by the committee were the signs you see on so many lawns urging people to reduce their speed. While this initiative has been effective in curbing speeds; it is not a permanent solution. As your Ward 5 Councillor, I will continue to work with York Regional Police and Town staff to bring more permanent traffic calming solutions and effective traffic calming methods to our neighbourhoods. 

We need to keep all residents safe, especially our children, seniors, and cyclists. As your Ward 5 Councillor, I am committed to working with Council members and Town staff to bring PERMANENT traffic calming solutions that have worked in many other towns in York Region.

road safety

Advocating Safety in our community.